Micromobile Car Olmio A02

Among the strange gizmos of the mobile one more appeared - Olmio A02. Micromobile placed in the palm of your hand.

The little Olmio A02 is so small that it’s longless than the width of an average modern smartphone. This, of course, affects the usability: it is not easy to get to the extremely compact buttons, and on the screen with a diagonal of 0.66 ″ a lot of information is placed. But as a means of communication will do.

Why make such a toy? For an additional use case. The device can serve as a Bluetooth assistant for a smartphone. You can remotely use the phonebook of your smartphone, type messages and switch tracks in the player.

But that is not all. Olmio A02 can be worn on the ear like a Bluetooth headset, since the thing weighs only 19 grams. Fasteners included.

For obvious reasons, the Olmio A02 lacks a camera,however, it has a radio capable of operating a voice recorder and supports memory cards. There is no classic audio output, the only port is microUSB for charging ..

The battery capacity seems small - 280 mAh, but this crumb of this is enough for three days of work.

The price of a funny toy is 1290 rubles. On sale, the device should appear in the near future.

Key Features of Olmio A02:

Screen monochrome, 0.66 ″
MemoryMicro SD
Mobile networks GSM 900, 1800
Battery Li-Ion, 280 mAh
Dimensions68 x 28 x 12.6 mm
Weight19 g
No camera

To estimate the sizes of Olmio A02 the video will help.


Tatyana Kobelskaya