Micro Magic has created a single-core ARM processor that greatly outperforms Apple's M1 chip in performance (2 photos)

Revolutionary changes proposed by the companyApple with the release of laptops on the proprietary Apple M1 processor are able to radically change the computer industry. The high performance of Apple M1 chips, confirmed by a number of benchmarks, shows that Apple's mobile processor can compete with desktop systems from Intel and AMD, but at the same time consuming significantly less power.

One of the ways to further develop mobilecomputer technology can use the RISC-V architecture, the capabilities of which were demonstrated by the American company Micro Magic, whose single-core chip with a frequency of 5.19 GHz requires only 1.1 watts of power.
Developers introduced a single-core 64-bitprocessor on the RISC-V architecture and stated that the characteristics of the chip are superior to those of the Apple M1 (8 cores) and ARM Cortex-A9 (4 cores). When tested on the CoreMark test, the Micro Magic processor scores 11,000 points, at 4.25 GHz and a power consumption of 200 mW.

Tested by EEMBC single core chipRISC-V achieves a unique score of 55,000 points per watt, while the Apple M1 processor scores just 10,000 points. At the same time, the Apple M1 has 8 cores, and the power consumption is 15 watts, which allows the representative of Micro Magic to claim the result for the Apple M1 at only 100 points per watt. According to its logic, Cortex-A9 with 22 343 points, 4 cores and 5 W has an indicator of 1112 points per watt. This calculation method is really questionable, but even with a direct comparison, the technical characteristics of the Micro Magic are higher than in the Apple M1, with 15 times lower power consumption.

The same representative of Micro Magic claims the potential to create a processor with 25 cores and a power consumption of only 5 watts.