Mi Band 4 from Xiaomi received a color AMOLED screen with NFC and costs $ 33 (7 photos + video)

Presented the 4th generation of the "smart" bracelet MiBand from Xiaomi. The most important development options are battery capacity increase, color screen and NFC-module. The cost of the same new items remained the same as that of the previous model.

Externally, the new version of the bracelet is similar topredecessor, but its design has changed significantly. The manufacturer removed the traditional groove in the display under the touch-sensitive round button. Instead, an icon appeared on a flat surface. Covered with tempered glass AMOLED screen received color. He became more by 0.95 inches. Its resolution is now - 120 x 240 pixels.

Changed fitness tracker and inside. Now it functions on the proprietary chipset Huangshan No.1. Xiaomi claims that its energy efficiency is 38 percent higher than that of its counterparts based on the Arm Cortex-M4 architecture.

The charging contacts are in the lower area.body, and the pulse rate sensor - in the center. New weighs 22.5 grams. The bracelet is made from TPU. He is said to have a reinforced buckle. Mi Band 4 is presented by Xiaomi in 2 versions: with or without NFC.

In addition, the bracelet is equipped with a Bluetooth module 5.0 and branded voice assistant Xiao AI. He is able to synchronize with the smart home gadgets. The case of the device is protected from water: it can dive to a depth of 50 meters. The capacity of the built-in battery is 135 mAh. It is stated that on its single charge the basic version of the gadget works autonomously for 20 days, the NFC version - up to 15 days.

The device is supplemented with a lot of softwarephysical activity tracking capabilities: walking, running indoors or outdoors, swimming, riding, exercise. A 6-axis sensor was also built into the fitness tracker. Thanks to him, the device distinguishes swimming styles and in real-time monitors the heart rate. It will be possible to control the training process through the Sports App - Xiaomi's proprietary smartphone app.

The cost of the basic Mi Band 4 from Xiaomi will beabout 1600 rubles, models with NFC - about 2150 rubles. There will be a limited edition in the style of the Marvel franchise “The Avengers” for 3,300 rubles. Development will begin to sell in China on June 14. When sales start in Russia, will be announced later.

If you do not want to expect the appearance of new items in the official store, you can make a preliminary order now. True, the cost of such “hot” offers is higher than the official one.