MetaFly - amazing robot, flying like a butterfly (5 photos + video)

Aviation engineer from France Edwin Van Ruimbekea few years ago invented the Bionic Bird robot bird. He flew, flapping his wings. Now the developer has switched to insects. MetaFly looks like a huge butterfly that flies like a live original. Beginners can safely manage it.

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The extremities of MetaFly are created from orientedpolypropylene, liquid crystal polymer and carbon fiber. Therefore, they are not afraid of any blows to the walls or falling. So, mistakes in the management of inexperienced pilots are excusable. The wingspan of the novelty is 29 centimeters, the length of the device is 19 centimeters, and the weight is only 10 grams. The tiny engine is equipped with a core of aluminum, it is powered by a lithium-polymer battery.

The gadget is fully charged in a quarter of an hour and after that it can fly for 8 minutes. The docking station is a remote control. He needs 4 AA batteries, as well as a power bank connection.

MetaFly flies, flapping its wings, andmaneuvers by moving the tail with the rudder-blade. The device can accelerate to 18 kilometers per hour. The control signal catches him at a distance of 100 meters. At the fundraising stage, this original toy will cost customers $ 78, and retail - $ 129.