Meta fined $18.6M for EU leaks

Meta, which owns Facebook and Instagram, has been fined $18.6 million for 12 data breaches.

This fine was not in the US, but in Ireland.The fact is that the IT giant, which is developing many new projects and is constantly developing, including in the field of virtual reality, is known for its attitude to security.
Yes, indeed, the company takes encryption quite seriously, but at the same time, it regularly gets into scandals with data leaks.

This time it became known that the company violatedseveral articles of the EU General Data Protection Regulation at once due to the fact that she did not bother to take "appropriate technical and organizational measures that would allow her to easily demonstrate security measures." That is, speaking in understandable human language, it turns out that Meta violated EU law in the field of information security.

The leaks themselves took place four years ago.There were 12 of them in total, and they happened between June and December 2018. But before announcing the fine, the Irish regulator consulted with the pan-European regulator.

However, the company denies everything.The spokesman told the Western press that the fine was more related to accounting practices that were introduced just in 2018 and have not been updated since then, and not at all to the failure to protect user data.
It is worth noting that the penalty does indeed seemhuge, but it's not. In the last quarter alone, the company earned $32.6 billion from ad sales. In addition, there were penalties and much more serious: last year, it was discovered that another Meta application, the WhatsApp messenger, did not comply with the transparency rules of the privacy policy. Then the company was fined $267 million. So Zuckerberg can sleep peacefully.