Mercedes-Benz presented three models of conceptual electric trucks (6 photos)

Into the discussion between Bill Gates andElon Musk, about the feasibility of using electric trucks for long-distance transportation, unexpectedly intervened the authoritative automaker Mercedes-Benz, presenting a strategic concept in the form of three electric trucks. Future models from Daimler Trucks are designed to fulfill a variety of tasks from intra-city transportation to transporting goods over long distances over 1000 km in autonomous mode.

During the presentation, the truck manufacturerDaimler Trucks has unveiled three prototype vehicles of the future, confirming the company's commitment to meeting the objectives of the Paris Climate Convention. Trucks of the future from Mercedes-Benz are presented under the GenH2 label - up to 1000 km of autonomous travel, eActrose - up to 200 km and eActros LongHaul - up to 500 km.

The flagship of the future Mercedes electric truckswill become the GenH2 Truck, based on the use of hydrogen fuel cells. The model will be equipped with two stainless steel tanks of 40 kg each, which will provide an autonomous driving range of up to 1000 km. Mercedes designers opted for liquid hydrogen (LH2) because of its higher specific energy density compared to gaseous hydrogen.

The Mercedes-Benz GenH2 Truck has a mass of about 40 tons and is capable of carrying 25 tons of payload. The autonomy figures are already comparable to traditional diesel trucks.

The energy system of the car will be able to providethe total power is about 400 kW and is formed from two hydrogen cells of 150 kW each and a storage battery with a capacity of 70 kWh, connected at peak loads: full load, acceleration, climbing mountain roads. It uses recuperation technology to recharge the battery during braking. A feature of cells and batteries is the most modern temperature control system, which in turn guarantees maximum use of the capabilities of power plants.

Mercedes-Benz GenH2 Truck prototype received twoelectric motors of 230 kW, creating a total torque of 2 × 1577 Nm. In peak mode, the power rises to 2 × 330 kW, and the torque to 2 × 2071 Nm. The first real tests of trucks will begin in 2023, and the start of mass production is scheduled for the end of the 20s.

Electric truck Mercedes-Benz eActros LongHaulwill carry out the transportation of goods at an average distance of up to 500 km. The vehicles are planned to be used on permanent routes, the range of which does not exceed 500 km. The main advantage of this model is its high energy efficiency. Serial production of the model is scheduled for 2024.

Mercedes-Benz eActros model already presentedin 2018, passed a series of tests in real conditions for regular daily delivery over short distances in terms of supply of products within the same locality. The autonomous travel distance does not exceed 200 km. The eActros auto market launch is scheduled for 2021.

When designing all three models in the companyDaimler Trucks uses a single modular ePowertrain platform. Starting in 2022, Mercedes-Benz electric trucks will enter the global market, and from 2039, the company plans to completely switch to cars with zero carbon emissions.

Source: daimler