Mercedes-Benz introduced a large electric trunk truck

At the largest exhibition taking place in Germany, in the city of Hannover, the first after the coronavirus pandemic

commercial vehicles IAA 2022 companyMercedes-Benz has unveiled the Mercedes-Benz eActros LongHaul, a large electric haul truck. The first prototypes of the car have undergone intensive testing and are preparing for testing on public roads this year. Next year, the prototypes will be handed over for tests to direct customers. The machine is equipped with a power plant with a peak power of 600 kW and has a cruising range of 500 kilometers. The manufacturer intends to prepare the car in order to ensure high reliability, not inferior to cars with internal combustion engines, which are capable of driving up to 1.2 million kilometers in 10 years of operation. In cooperation with Trailer Dynamics and manufacturer Krone, a trailer has been prepared for the new truck, extending the vehicle's range to 800 kilometers.