Mercedes unveils EQC 4x4 electric SUV for extreme off-road driving (5 photos + video)

Mercedes-Benz continues to experiment withstudying the technical capabilities of electric vehicles. The previously announced EQC400 electric crossover has been modified into an off-road version focused on off-road use. The modified model was named EQC 4 × 4².

The EQC400 crossover is designed for use inurban conditions and, in extreme cases, for trips on dirt roads. Modification EQC 4 × 4², created taking into account the trip in difficult off-road conditions. To increase the cross-country ability of the car, Mercedes engineers installed a new suspension with reinforced shock absorbers, levers and widened the track. The car was fitted with 20-inch wheels and Cooper Zeon off-road tires.

The ground clearance (clearance) was also increased with142 mm for EQC400 to 293 mm for EQC 4 × 4². At the same time, for example, in the basic model of the Mercedes-Benz G-class SUV (Geländewagen), the clearance is only 235 mm, which is 58 mm less than that of the EQC 4 × 4².

The wheel arches have also been increased by 10 cm witheach side. This was required to cover the 285mm wide Cooper Zeon LTZ tires. As a result, the car was able to overcome water obstacles up to 400 mm deep. The reinforced model received an approach angle increased to 31.8 degrees (20.3 for EQC) and an exit angle of up to 33 degrees (20 for EQC). The bottom received additional protection. Added two new driving modes: Offroad and Offroad Plus.

Meanwhile, the power of the engines has not changed, inEQC 4 × 4² models, as in the standard Mercedes-Benz EQC 400 4Matic, are equipped with two electric motors with a total capacity of 408 horsepower. An autonomous trip over a distance of 500 km is provided by an 80 kWh battery pack.

The EQC 4 × 4² model is a one-off, experimental, not intended for serial production and will be used to study some ideas of Mercedes engineers.

Source: evcentral