Meet: the final design of the Volocopter electric aerial taxi from Volocopter (4 photos)

Aerotaxi has a great future, and many world-famous companies associate their activities with interesting projects in this direction.

German company Volocopter (former nameE-volo) is not new to this industry. She recently unveiled the final design of her new VoloCity air taxi model, which is the company's fourth generation electric VTOL. It is with this model that the company associates its plans as with the foundation of the Volocopter air taxi service.

Aerotaxi VoloCity goes along with manysimilar projects, where the vehicle is a vertical vertical takeoff and landing multicopter (VTOL), powered by batteries.

The company conducted more than 1000 test flights.during the improvement and refinement of models of previous generations of Volocopter in terms of technical characteristics, work was also carried out to adapt the design of the aircraft to all SC-VTOL requirements. So the Volocopter justifiably presents its brainchild as the perfect air taxi on demand to work in the city center.

CEO Florian Reuters is confident thatVoloCity will open the first commercial routes and loudly declare itself on the urban air mobility market, because it is indeed the most powerful air taxi today.

Some technical data of VoloCity:
• cruising range of 35 km;
• flight speed - up to 110 km / h;
• equipped with seats for two passengers;
• structurally maximally stable, which guarantees safety in flight.

As an element of the service, after launching a commercial service, it is supposed to call a flying VoloCity taxi using a mobile application like a regular Uber taxi.

The timing of the launch of the commercial service has not yet been announced, but a public test flight of VoloCity in Singapore is scheduled for the coming months.

At the same time, Volocopter is working on creating infrastructure for its aircraft, including attracting the potential of Frankfurt International Airport.

Source: techcrunch