Medieval technology will help doctors stop the proliferation of bacteria

Bacteria are the main cause ofdangerous diseases, therefore it is extremely important to keep everything clean in hospitals. Accumulating on the surface of medical instruments, pathogenic microbes can become a hotbed of deadly infections that can affect vulnerable patients. As it is known, prevention is much better than treatment, so researchers from Aston University have developed a new material that is made according to the technology of the Middle Ages and effectively destroys infectious agents.

New material is a bioactiveglass - it consists of various metals that emit ions at a constant rate. Depending on the type of metals, the material may have different effects on organisms, for example, it can strengthen bones. It has already been revealed that biologically active glass can be successfully used for filling teeth.

The material created by scientists consists of glass withimpurity of cobalt - this mixture is burned in a furnace at a temperature of more than 1000 degrees Celsius. The same technology was used in the Middle Ages in the manufacture of stained glass, which, as a rule, was used to decorate temples.

To test how good glass is.coping with the destruction of bacteria, the researchers put it in a Petri dish filled with pathogenic bacteria. It turned out that the more cobalt contained in the material, the more effectively it copes with their destruction. For example, E. coli was completely exterminated within six hours, and Staphylococcus aureus that caused blood poisoning and pneumonia was killed within 24 hours.

It has been found that microbes die by contact.with metal ions - their walls are simply destroyed. Moreover, some bacteria die even without direct contact with substances. Scientists believe that glass can destroy even bacteria that have developed resistance to antibiotics. They can cover a variety of tools that can prevent infection right during surgical operations.

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