MediaTek broadcast data via satellite using 5G technology

An experiment on the use of satellite communications on5G technology for the Internet of Things (IoT), was pioneered worldwide by MediaTek, in conjunction with UK-based telecommunications firm Inmarsat. The main task of the project was to further promote the implementation of fifth generation network technology.

Testing was done usingAlphasat satellite, owned by Inmarsat and located in a geostationary orbit with an altitude of about 35 thousand kilometers. The test results will help move towards the implementation of the Rel-17 standard, created in accordance with the third generation partnership program (3GPP) in non-terrestrial networks (NTN).

New satellite technology NB-IoT 5Gestablishes bi-directional communications from MediaTek's standard NB-IoT satellite device to the commercial GEO satellite, opening up new possibilities for truly global IoT coverage. The successful test lays the foundation for hybrid satellite and cellular networks.

The test can confirm the possibility of introducing new global standards and unlock the potential for using a single device when connecting both satellite and cellular networks.

Source: prnewswire