Media: Russia is considering the possibility of mining on the moon

According to RIA Novosti, referring tosource in the rocket and space industry, Russia is considering the possibility of mining on the moon. In the early 2030s, an entire research and development range is planned to be deployed on Earth’s satellite. According to the agency interlocutor, this proposal was addressed to the Roskosmos state corporation and the Russian Academy of Sciences by the Lavochkin NPO.

The source indicates that the moon in the years 2031-2035It is proposed to send four automatic vehicles that will deliver a reusable ship for cargo transportation, a heavy lunar rover for mining and modules for the construction of a lunar base.

"Landing station" Luna-30 "will deliver tothe surface of the moon is a reusable lunar ship to support manned missions. The landing station "Luna-31" will bring to the moon a heavy lunar rover weighing up to five tons, equipped with the necessary means to develop lunar resources, "- said in a statement.

During the mission "Luna-32" on the satellite is planneddelivery of heavy modules weighing up to six tons. They will be used for the construction of the lunar test site. As part of the Luna-33 mission, an orbital spacecraft is being sent to the satellite of our planet, which will provide communication and navigation capabilities for further exploration of the Moon.

Earlier, the head of "Roskosmos" Dmitry Rogozin saidthat in 2021 it is planned to send a landing station "Luna-25" to the moon. She will search for water ice at the south pole of Earth's satellite. This will be the first Russian lunar mission after a 40-year hiatus - the Soviet station Luna-24 was launched in 1976.

In 2023, the launch of the orbiter is planned."Luna-26" (exploration), and in 2024-m - landing station "Luna-27" (collection of soil samples at the south pole). In the 2027th and 2028th years it is planned to send missions "Luna-28" and "Luna-29", respectively. In their course, they want to bring samples of lunar soil to Earth, as well as deliver the moon rover to the satellite.

According to the latest data, the first Russian manned expedition to the Moon is expected in 2031. After that, manned landings on Earth’s satellite will be conducted annually.

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