Mechanical dogs of Boston Dynamics will become members of fighting on robots

In 2016, the company Boston Dynamics announcedFour-legged robot dog SpotMini, which is able to confidently move along difficult ladders and even pull a huge truck along with its "relatives". It is expected that the robot will go on sale at the end of 2019, but people are still not clear for what purposes it can be used. Mark Reibert, CEO of the company, was able to answer this question during the Amazon Re: MARS conference in Las Vegas - mechanical dogs will participate in the battles of robots.

Boston Dynamics robots are equipped with a hugenumber of cameras and sensors, but the mechanical dog SpotMini, in addition, has a hand that helps him open doors and pick up objects. It has spatial stabilization, that is, it is able to keep things in the same place, even when the robot moves from side to side. Of course, thanks to such skills, the robot can be useful in construction, but why not use it for entertaining fights, or playing football?

Robot Fights from Boston Dynamics

At Amazon Re Conference: MARS representatives of Boston Dynamics have shown that robots can be great fun. For example, the company showed footage from an impromptu soccer game of robots with a huge blue ball. Also, according to Mark Ryberta, robots can become participants in “dog fights”, where they will be controlled by their owners. In fact, it will look like a "network game with physical actors."

Boston Dynamics robots in construction

Of course, some entertainment features.robots are not limited. In addition to the role of gladiators of the 21st century, they can become excellent builders - some Japanese companies are already testing their capabilities at production sites. In addition to being able to carry heavy loads, they can help control the workflow through tablet control and the presence of cameras.

Image from the built-in camera SpotMini

We are negotiating with a lot ofconstruction companies. At the same time, we have some other promising ideas — for example, robots can be used in a hostile environment where people’s lives can be endangered, ”said Mark Rybert.

SpotMini robot crashes on Amazon conference scene

At the event Re: MARS also happened a funny case - the robot SpotMini came on the scene and, as if scared of something, spun around its axis. In the end, he fell and lay down, putting representatives of Boston Dynamics in an awkward position. The reason for the strange behavior of the robotic dog is still unknown, but after the curiosity the conference continued as if nothing had happened.

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Despite all its high technology,Boston Dynamics robots are not unique. Recently, a copy of the mechanical dog SpotMini was shown by the Chinese company Unitree Robotics - the novelty was named Laikago, and demonstrated its mobility on video. You can look at her and learn about her abilities in our material.

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