McLaren: in the future, the AI ​​will be the co-pilot of racing cars

Formula 1 racing will be more likevideo game in 30 years, according to a bizarre vision of the future, presented by the manufacturer of supercars McLaren. The research project MCLExtreme develops racing cars that will do almost everything. These cars, of course, electric, will drive on tracks like Hot Wheels at speeds up to 500 kilometers per hour, developing overloads up to 5 G when turning to 90 degrees at speeds of 400 kilometers per hour.

What will be the racing cars of the future

Electric riders will receive powerthrough the induction coils on the track directly into the wheels, built of "self-healing composite", of course. On board will be batteries that can charge up to 10-50 percent in just 10 seconds. Instead of a pit stop, you can make a couple of laps on the charging line, which will add energy depending on the speed, which will add some strategy to the game.

The tracks will include hilly areas and steepangles designed for high speeds. Drivers, like fighter pilots, will be equipped with swelling bladders in suits that help withstand overloads. Currently, Formula 1 prohibits active aerodynamics, but McLaren is absolutely sure that this will change by 2050. Her concept car has the ability to "change shape", with side suspensions, which are removed at maximum speed and expand, adding resistance when braking and turning.

To cope with the added complexity anddanger, drivers will be helped by an artificial intelligence system that can help with the strategy of racing and keep the car system at its peak. She will even be able to understand the emotional state of the driver and will give appropriate advice based on that.

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Concept designs look quite funny -it seems that the McLaren engineers watched the film “First Player Prepare” too many times. Perhaps the concepts are too much willing, but ideas like an assistant of artificial intelligence and an electric motor will definitely come true.

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