McDonald's put Tetris in chicken nuggets (video)

McDonald's China has pleased its fans with a new promotion, in which it released a giant plastic chicken nugget with the legendary Tetris game inside.

Unboxing videos have surfaced online.devices: it was placed in a separate box, with a set of stickers and a bright carrying case. Externally, "Tetris" is really made in the form of a nugget with a characteristic structure. In its upper part there is a small LCD display, and below are the usual control keys. On the back of the device there is a slot for a couple of batteries, a speaker and a power switch.

The essence of the game has not changed, evenaccompanied by familiar sounds. Therefore, the McDonald’s version differs from the usual Tetris only in an unusual case. It is also worth noting that Tetris nuggets made it to the list of official versions of Tetris.