Matter older than the solar system found in a meteorite

Space exploration, historythe origin and origin of galaxies can be without leaving the Earth using substances brought to our planet from the depths of space. Each meteorite “arriving” to Earth from distant galaxies is subjected to a thorough, comprehensive study, as a result of which scientists come to amazing discoveries. Recently, astronomers studying a meteorite in Australia revealed in the already studied substance, the presence of previously undetected cosmic dust, which has now become the most ancient substance of the materials studied by our science.

A meteorite “arrived” on Earth back in 1969year, when in the sky over Australia, near Murchison, an explosion was recorded in dense layers of the atmosphere. The total mass of “meteorite” precipitation “falling” after the explosion onto an area of ​​about 13 square kilometers was about 100 kg.

For half a century, scientists have been researchingmeteorite debris brought into Australia. One of the latest discoveries was the discovery of a substance - which has become the oldest of those studied by human science.

The oldest material found in a meteorite,will help scientists get closer to unraveling the mysteries of star formation. In Australia, a substance was discovered in the form of grains of minerals formed long before the appearance of the Sun. Stardust was pressed into a meteorite and remained untouched for 4.6 to 5.5 billion years. Scientists identify similar mineral grains in only 10% of meteorites that hit the Earth. Such findings will allow astronomers to approach the mystery of the appearance of the first stars over 7 billion years ago.

Source: Newatlas