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MasterCard is developing a system of payment "smile"

Over the past few years, contactless payments have become an integral part of many people around the world. And so, one of the payment systems took the next step in simplifying this process.

We are talking about Mastercard, which presented itsa recent project is the Biometric Checkout Program. Its essence lies in providing the user with the opportunity to pay for purchases without having to reach into his pocket for a card or smartphone. Instead, he is invited to use biometric data: smile at the camera or hold his hand over the scanner to confirm the transaction.

The initiative requires you to registereither in the store or through the app. Mastercard is joining forces with Fujitsu, NEC, Payface and others to set the benchmark for performance, privacy and security.

Interestingly, a fresh development is already nowcreated with an eye to use in stores of any size. The first pilot project to implement the Biometric Checkout Program will be launched this week in Brazil.

Source: engadget