Massager G2 - the new small neck massager from Xiaomi

Portable Neck Massager Jeeback Neck MassagerG2 presented at Xiaomi crowdfunding. A novelty with a stylish design will help relax muscles. The gadget is especially relevant for long-distance travelers and people with a sedentary lifestyle.

The principle of operation of the device is low-frequencypulsation, which simulates three massage techniques: acupuncture, roller massage and gouache. For each, one of 15 degrees of intensity is configured. There is also a combined massage mode and imitation of a hot compress (heating the device to 43 degrees Celsius), which allows you to quickly warm up on cold days.

The weight of the device is only 190 grams: he does not load the neck at all. The Jeeback Neck Massager G2 has a minimalistic and stylish design. The novelty can also be used in public places (in transport, for example).