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Martian colonists will use a laser to communicate with Earth

As you know, NASA’s ambitious program forsending the first astronauts to Mars will begin in the mid-2030s. The start of this grandiose interplanetary event can be the construction of a huge plate in California, with which astronauts can communicate with the Earth. The device, called the Deep Space Network, is designed to create convenient communication capabilities for astronauts to communicate with Earth experts, reports In order to realize this idea in real life, NASA intends to use high-power lasers.

A large-scale project to create a communications center with Mars is already being prepared in California

How to reach Mars?

Mars - the fourth planet of the solar system inremoteness from the Sun, which is also one of the objects closest to the Earth after the Moon and Venus. For many tens and hundreds of years, it was this planet that attracted the views of astronomers who believed that Mars could be the very sought-after place, which, like the Earth, can boast of the presence of life. The desire to solve the mysteries of the Red Planet and the Universe as a whole led mankind once to create satellites, telescopes, the latest spacecraft and interplanetary missions aimed at studying not only the planets of the solar system, but also objects far beyond its borders.

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For decades, NASA has mainlyused old-fashioned radio waves to communicate with its astronauts and spacecraft. However, when people take their first steps on the surface of a distant and yet unfriendly world, they will probably need a more reliable and quick means of communication with the Earth. In order for us to see with our own eyes the historical moments of man's becoming a truly interplanetary view, NASA intends to establish high-speed communication with the Red Planet using a powerful laser. So, Suzanne Dodd, director of the upcoming program, claims that the successful use of lasers can increase the speed of data transmission from Mars by about 10 times compared with the speed of information transmission using radio waves.

Future Martian colony will need a reliable source of communication with the Earth

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Interplanetary Communications ConstructionThe device has already begun in the California city of Goldstone. It is known that a 34-meter laser will become part of an even larger array of similar laser communication plates that will be used to transmit remote signals. So, it is known that one of the goals of the NASA device network in the near future will be the Psyche mission, according to which several devices of the most famous aerospace agency of the Earth will go to intercept an asteroid whose orbit is between Mars and Jupiter. Experts argue that this truly unique program in human history should take place as early as 2022. At the same time, it is noted that the total value of minerals discovered on the Psyche asteroid is more than 10 quadrillion dollars, which significantly fuels the interest of the scientific world in the beginning of the study of a distant object revolving around the Sun.