Mars rover with 11 million names of inhabitants of the Earth is preparing to hit the road

Mars exploration program usingPerseverance rover enters the final stage. The NASA website launched a countdown counter to the launch of the Atlas V spacecraft, which will deliver the rover to the Red Planet. The start of the mission is scheduled for July 2020. Throughout 2019, NASA held two competitions, allowing everyone who wanted to earth to capture their name on the processors of the rover and determine the most suitable name for the space rover.

A total of three silicon Martian chipsThe Perseverance Rover (Persistence) recorded the 11 million names of Earth inhabitants attending the Send Your Name to Mars event. The media also recorded 155 of the best stories from the leaders of the Call the Rover contest.

The processors are mounted on an aluminum plate,located on the Perseverance enclosure. On the outer surface of the plate, images of the Earth, Mars and the Sun connecting them are engraved. This image hints, according to NASA developers, on the graphic plates used on the Pioneer ship and the gold plates on the Voyager-1 and Voyager-2.

Perseverance Launch Schedule Startsship Atlas V in July of this year. In this case, in February 2012, the rover will arrive on Mars in the area of ​​the Jesero crater. Currently, active preparations are underway for launch, during which the Perseverance manipulator is stacked and the antenna of the device control system is fixed. According to NASA, the coronavirus epidemic will not affect the launch dates.

The mass of the rover is 1043 kg, and the main goalexpeditions - the study of the rocks of the Red Planet, with the aim of discovering ancient life forms and taking soil samples for return to Earth. The duration of the mission is one Martian year or about 687 Earth days.

Source: Slashgear