Mars colonists put on a planet in an inflatable cone (3 photos + video)

Aerospace company NASA has offered attentioninterested circles development of a landing module for future explorers of the Red Planet. An interesting decision of American engineers: to deliver people and cargo in inflatable modules - dictated by the fact that the atmosphere on Mars is sparse, and therefore it is technically impossible to lower heavy objects from orbit with parachutes.

The density of the atmosphere of Mars is almost 100 times lessthan on Earth, and yet when the landing modules descend to the surface, they can heat to very high temperatures. This will destroy even the most durable materials. Therefore, the developers decided to synthesize the fiber 15 times stronger than steel and make an LOFTID inflatable system out of it that can withstand overheating (it is able to withstand temperatures of 1,593 ° C). An inflatable cone with a diameter of 6 meters will protect equipment and passengers from hitting the surface.

The research details have not yet been published and the effectiveness of this unusual technology has not been confirmed by anything. But even the information that has become known is encouraging.