Marking Toyota and Lexus will make their hijacking pointless (6 photos)

In the confrontation of criminals practicing theftcars and vehicle owners seeking to protect their property have intervened in high technology to provide car owners with guaranteed car protection. Authors learned to successfully bypass the most sophisticated alarm systems, so the developers directed their efforts to undermine the economic feasibility of hijacking. Now, even if the theft has been successful, it will be practically impossible to use a stolen car, its accessory will be installed at the nearest checkpoint.

The basis of the new security system for someToyota and Lexus models in Russia will use the technology of unique anti-theft identifiers T-Mark / L-Mark. The car is marked with identifiers made in the form of microdots from a film with a diameter of 1 mm, which is marked with a PIN code corresponding to the VIN number of this car. About 10 thousand of such identifiers are applied to various parts of the body, components and assemblies of the car. Checking the conformity of the car and marking sensors is carried out on the sites and

Now law enforcement and car buyersthey will be able to check any vehicle participating in the Toyota and Lexus program and make sure all the data on the year of manufacture, engine number and other technical specifications are correct. Thus, the practice of car theft for resale has undermined the economic basis, since it will be problematic to sell a stolen car in the secondary market.

Currently the first car to receivemarking L-Mark in the Russian market was the Lexus ES sedan. According to information from law enforcement agencies, at the moment, not a single stolen car with this marking has been registered.

When applying such sensors, car ownersthey also receive a 15% discount when applying for a CASCO policy that protects against the risk of theft. All Toyota and Lexus models in Russia will be equipped with T-Mark / L-Mark anti-theft marking by the end of this year.

Source: Motor1