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Marijuana Will Reduce Epilepsy Seizures

Unique nasal spray designed forThe fight against epilepsy attacks is one of the first marijuana-based drugs to go on sale in Australia soon.

In Western AustraliaPerth MGC Pharmaceuticals announced a deal with Israeli SipNose to produce a special nasal spray. According to company employees, the drug is ready for release, it remains only to resolve the legislative part of the issue.

Recent legislative changes have given the rightuse legally grown hemp for the manufacture of medicines, while the use of cannabinoids in the country is still illegal.

MGC Pharmaceuticals Director Dr. Ross Walker(Ross Walker) hopes that the government will be able to speed up the process of approving the drug so that in the near future it will begin to help patients suffering from epilepsy, malignant neoplasms and chronic pain.

Earlier, as Dr. Walker noted, the drug is alreadypassed clinical trials in humans, including with the participation of children with severe epilepsy. In the groups consisting of 137 and 220 subjects, the new drug allowed to reduce the number of epilepsy attacks by 36-54%.

MGC Pharmaceuticals also plans to holdan experiment in 330 patients with various forms of malignant neoplasms. Researchers are confident that the drug will help cope with severe pain in cancer patients.

It is worth noting that the drug does not interact withreceptors of the brain, therefore, does not exert such a strong psychoactive effect on patients during treatment as the use of illegal marijuana. Dr. Walker emphasized that a cannabinoid-based drug has nothing to do with illegal cannabis use.

MGC Pharmaceuticals is confident that in collaboration with SipNose to help patients with epilepsy, they will launch an effective and easy-to-use drug in the shortest possible time.