Manufacturers will be obliged to install Russian software in all devices (3 photos)

The Antimonopoly Service has created a number of amendments toRussian legislation in order to lobby for the interests of domestic software developers. So, for the possibility of selling any gadgets (smartphones, tablets, laptops, PCs, all-in-one computers and other equipment weighing up to 10 kg) in Russia, foreign manufacturers will need to pre-install Russian applications into the devices.

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The amendments also provide forremoval of foreign pre-installed programs, provided that this does not affect the operation of the device as a whole. To monitor the implementation of laws will create a special registry and be obliged to undergo certification. Earlier, the antitrust service reported the availability of high-quality domestic software for installation on smartphones, namely, browsers, maps, antivirus programs and instant messengers.

Manufacturers included in the association RATEK, alreadyexpressed concern about the new rules. I especially don’t like such an initiative of Apple, for which practically there are no Russian analogues of programs. Thus, the most status smartphones can disappear from the Russian market.

What is interesting, the main champion of the new rulesbecame the company "Yandex", which is now paying manufacturers for the installation of its applications, and after the amendments will be freed from such costs. Note that at the moment amendments to the laws “On Communication” and “On Information” have not yet been adopted but have already been sent to the Ministry of Communications and Mass Communications.