Making the kitchen more convenient: a miniature dishwasher

The family is big, there are a lot of dishes, and you are constantly onwork? An interesting solution to the problem appeared in the form of a miniature Bugu dishwasher. This is only a concept so far, but there are all prerequisites that the device will still be released to the masses.

Bugu is able to unload the work in the kitchen and make life a little more convenient. Firstly, the device will be affordable, as an entry-level machine, the price will be appropriate.

Secondly, it has an attractive design: a snow-white plastic body, a hinged transparent top cover that opens at an angle to fit inside the dishes.

There is a touch control panel on the front. The machine itself allows you to place not only plates, but also cutlery.

Due to its small size, the machine can be placed wherever you like, including on the kitchen countertop, it does not take up much space.