Making hiking comfortable: a portable solar-powered stove

We recently wrote about the use of modern technologies in field conditions. Then it was about a personal miniature water filter.

As it turned out, there are other equally interesting devices that can brighten up your trip.

How about a portable solar oven?

Go Sun has created a handy portable device that runs on solar energy. The device is able to boil water or heat tea, and you can also cook or heat food in it.

Moreover, as the creators themselves note, the device is able to work in any weather, despite cloudiness, snow and even rain.

The smallest Go Sun weighs 900 grams and, due to its form factor, fits easily into any backpack without taking up much space.

There are also more advanced versions for several people, but they also weigh significantly more.

The top-end modification can feed six people at once and, due to the residual charge, is able to work even at night.

This stuff costs about 11 thousand rubles, it keeps the temperature of cooked food up to 12 hours. The service life is 25 years, but in extreme cases, replacement parts can be purchased from the company store.