General mail will distribute mailings to special folders Mail users can set up smart sorting algorithms so that letters are distributed by themselves

by folders without using filters andadditional settings, according to the press service of the company. Neural networks analyze information about the sender of the letter and sort them into special folders so that the mailbox does not become clogged and important things are not lost. The new letter will be noticeable in the inbox, but will not be distracting - you can go to it with one click. In smart folders, mailing lists are grouped by topic: "Receipts" - for payment confirmation letters in stores, "Study" - for school-themed notifications, "Games" and others. Algorithms also recognize and group letters about promotions and discounts, notifications from social networks, letters to themselves, messages from government services and news digests.

“About 300 million check letters arrive eachmonth 30 million recipients. Now, thanks to smart sorting technology, notifications from retailers, gaming and educational services are collected in one place and do not clutter up the mailbox, and the user can quickly go to them when needed, ”says Alexander Lyskov, product manager at Mail. A quick glance at the subject lines of emails in the list will show the user the latest discounts and order information. The latest notifications are immediately visible in the email thread. If a new email arrives in the smart folder, the entire category is moved to the top of the list, and the number of new notifications is displayed next to it. You can manage sorting in "Settings": in the "Smart sorting" section, you can change the display of smart folders.