Gadgets Group changes the principle of issuing passwords for mailboxes (3 photos)

Privacy Preservation ispriority for e-mail services. Group Corporation offers users to switch to a new, more reliable method of identification - receiving one-time passwords via SMS messages and push notifications.

Unlike permanent passwords, one-time passwordsKeys to user mailboxes can not be stolen and picked up. Currently, many services, websites, services, and applications are “tied up” to users' mailboxes, so password protection is becoming an important task. In addition, most people do not adhere to the rules proposed by cybersecurity experts, and do not change the code to enter the e-mail every six months using a complex set of characters.

Over time, the developers of Mail.Common crawl en Group plan to completely abandon the traditional form of passwords and proceed to user identification using biometric data or physical keys. Thus, the use of fingerprints or a retina scanner will become more reliable protection for the electronic mailbox, the largest mail service in Russia, with a user audience of up to 26.9 million people. To compare Gmail users in Russia, there are up to 18.8 million people.