Magnit Network Launches Face-to-Face Shopping

Retailers are constantly improving the systempayment for goods, making it more efficient and convenient for the buyer. Magnit, a Russian chain of stores, is actively promoting retail payment technology using face-to-face customer identification. The immediate plans of the company’s management include the introduction of a technology called SELFIETOPAY in two stores in the network located in Krasnodar.

To activate this feature, the buyer mustpreinstall the SWiP application on your smartphone, take your own photo and attach it to your bank card. When making a purchase in a store of the Magnit chain, the buyer needs to look into the terminal’s camera at the checkout. SELFIETOPAY will compare the received image with the photo available in the application. The system has several degrees of protection and in case of doubt requires an additional password.

SELFIETOPAY technology is being tested withMarch of this year. As a result of the introduction of a new method of payment, the buyer does not need to have cash, a bank card or a smartphone. In case of successful testing of the technology, this method of payment will be practiced in other stores of the network.

Source: retail