MacOS 10.15.5 update will extend battery life

Last updated macOS Catalina 10.15.Apple's 5 introduces new battery control features and new options for FaceTime. Additional options for controlling battery charging will allow MacBook owners to increase their effective battery life.

MacBook laptops use lithium-ionrechargeable batteries, which over time, as a result of numerous recharging cycles, reduce their technical performance, degrade. This leads to a decrease in the level of charge, and, consequently, to a decrease in the battery life of the device. Using the new parameter will allow you to slightly extend the effective battery life, slow down its aging.

The function introduced with the update does not allowcharge the battery to its maximum capacity. As a result, at 100% charge level, the maximum battery charge will be indicated, which guarantees the maximum extension of the effective battery life.

New MacBooks Coming to Market with Alreadypre-installed by macOS 10.15.5 and later, the battery monitoring feature will be activated by default. For laptops supporting Thunderbolt 3 (MacBook Pro releases since 2016 and MacBook Air releases since 2018), this feature is automatically enabled when upgrading to macOS 10.15.5.

Also in macOS 10.15 update.5, it becomes possible to disable the portrait resizing function of the currently active contact in FaceTime group calls. Also introduced new features in the calibration of the Pro Display XDR.

Source: TheVerge