MacBook Pro tested for strength with a crossbow (video)

Modern portable devices are no longerso cheap, maybe that's why video bloggers are less and less likely to perform extreme and shocking tests on gadgets. No more Tom Dickson, the founder of BlendTec, appears with his favorite blender, no one checks the flagship smartphones for durability by throwing them from the height of a flying plane or driving a car, a lawn mower, or even a multi-ton rink for laying asphalt. But Edwin Sarkisyan, the founder of his own youtube channel dedicated to testing various types of weapons, decided not to miss the chance and checked the power of bows of different power, as well as a crossbow, on the top three Apple MacBook Pro laptops.

The tester, however, did not spend money onNew models of apple devices, but the experiment clearly shows whether the presented gadgets are able to save their user from the unexpected attack of archers. Particularly impressive is the shooting of a crossbow capable of releasing an arrow at a speed of more than 110 m / s.