M.Video-Eldorado celebrates a more than two-fold increase in sales of its own brands

According to the company "M.Video-Eldorado", from March to April of this year in the retail network

The company has more than doubled its growthsales of private label equipment. This trend is observed against the backdrop of an increase in prices for equipment of other brands and a reduction in the available range of equipment. Russian consumers began to show more interest in purchasing equipment in the middle and low price segments. The demand for more affordable equipment, according to the company, has grown seven times compared to the same period last year. Refrigerators, washing machines, built-in appliances and small household appliances stand out among the most popular product groups. The M.Video-Eldorado network presents equipment of its own brands Hi and Novex, in the range of more than 400 items of equipment of these brands. The M.Video-Eldorado group has been developing the production of household appliances and electronics since 2019.