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Lupus cure created

If you remember, then one of the corona phrases of the DoctorHouse, in addition to the famous "All people lie," was the phrase "This is not lupus." Systemic lupus erythematosus (SLE) is a chronic infectious and allergic disease that belongs to the group of autoimmune diseases and is accompanied by damage to the skin, joints, internal organs and pronounced sensitivity to sunlight. It is believed that this condition is practically untreatable. But a large-scale study conducted by Monash University professor Eric Morand, for the first time gives real hope that a cure for this disease will still be on sale.

It is possible that one incurable disease will become less

How to cure lupus?

Results of a major international study,which lasted for 3 years, and which involved more than 360 people aged 18 to 70 years with systemic lupus erythematosus, showed that the disease can still be treated. The long-standing work of the international team of scientists that EurekAlert writes about should make a difference for millions of patients. The final phase of the studies showed that the drug anifrolumab (anifrolumab) is effective for the treatment of lupus in humans.

Anifrolumab is a humanantibodies that are sensitive to the first type of interferon protein, which provokes inflammation in the body with lupus. Treatment with anifrolumab blocks the receptors of this interferon in all cells of the body, reducing the activity of the disease. - say the authors of the study.

Clinical trials were divided into two phases- TULIP 1 and TULIP 2, which were held from 2015 to 2018. The results of the first stage, presented last year, did not show statistical significance in reducing the activity of the disease in humans when taking anifrolumab compared with patients from the placebo group. And then the researchers were almost desperate. But still they decided on the second phase of testing. And they were waiting for an unexpected result. If you are interested in this topic, then subscribe to our channel in Telegram.

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During the second phase, TULIP 2, to the participants300 milligrams of anifrolumab was infused intravenously every four weeks for 48 weeks. 52 weeks after the start of treatment, the majority of participants showed a general decrease in the activity of the disease in all organs, an improvement in the skin condition. Moreover, patients also needed to take fewer steroid medications (indicated for lupus), and over time, doctors observed in participants in the experiment a decrease in the annual rate of outbreaks of the disease, which included fever, soreness and swelling of the joints, fatigue, rash, and ulcers in the mouth or nose. .

Now the team plans to get a permitdocumentation, after which it will be necessary to wait for the drug to be checked by control organizations like the same FDA (Food and Drug Administration). If all these steps are successful, then the medicine will appear in wide sale. Of course, nothing is known about the cost of the drug, but one hopes that it will be accessible to ordinary people. Indeed, according to the World Health Organization, more than 5 million people (of whom 90% are women) worldwide suffer from this disease, for which there is no cure.