Lua turns your plant into a pet

Plant lovers got the original smarta device in the form of a flower pot that allows you to learn about the mood and needs of the flower. Indiegogo features the unique Lua gadget, designed by Mu Design, a Luxembourg based company.

Lua has specialtouch sensors that transmit information about the state of the plant in the form of animation on a small screen. The device is capable of transmitting up to 15 animated pictures, each of which signals a certain emotional state of the plant.

Focusing on the information coming from the displaya flower pot, the owner can find out if the plant has enough water and incoming sunlight, the plant does not get too cold or it freezes. There are animated pictures for conveying the emotional state of a plant: happiness, fatigue, sleep, or awakening. A built-in motion sensor allows the pot to shift its gaze after a moving subject.

Three more smart pot sensors measuretemperature, light and humidity. Connecting Lua to a smartphone through a special application and does not require an Internet connection. In the application, you can get recommendations for growing a particular plant.

The supply of smart flower pots is slated forDecember 2019 at a price of $ 109 in three colors: red-purple, yellow and agave. The fourth color remains to be chosen. Lua geometric dimensions: Ø 15 cm x 16 cm, weight 0.5 kg. The device received an IPS LCD display with a diagonal of 2.4 inches (320 × 240). Electrical power is supplied via the USB connector.

Source: indiegogo