Low-cost Tesla will become substantially affordable thanks to technology purchased by Musk for $ 3 (2 photos)

The process of reducing the cost of Tesla electric vehicles beforeall associated with developments and acquisitions made by the division of the company engaged in the design of its own battery packs. The head of the company Elon Musk, who presented the Tesla 4680 battery, confidently announced the prospects for a significant reduction in the cost of Tesla cars at the autumn presentation of Battery Day 2020. The technologies based on three patent applications of the Canadian company Springpower International, which were bought by Tesla for $ 3, became the basis for such an optimistic statement.

Purchased in January two weeks before Battery Day2020 patents were already registered under the Tesla brand without mentioning Springpower. The company owned a small battery manufacturing facility in Canada and is now effectively acquired by Tesla, as evidenced by the transfer of many Springpower employees to Musk.

$ 3 patent applications will allow Teslaintegrate new technologies into the production of the branded 4680 battery, presented at Battery Day 2020. The 4680's technical parameters will allow accumulating 500% more energy than similar modern batteries. As a result, the radius of autonomous travel of electric vehicles will increase by 6 times.

Springpower patents will reduce the cost ofstorage batteries by reusing waste water from the cathode material production process. It should be noted that current technologies generate up to 4,000 gallons (15,000 liters) of ammonia, metal particles and toxic chemicals for every ton of cathode material produced. Recycling these materials requires a huge investment.

Springpower patents relating to recycleusing water without waste water will reduce operating costs by more than 75%. A technological process will also be implemented that will allow the use of metal powder from recycled batteries of electric vehicles and network batteries.

Many Springpower employees in recentswitched to work at Tesla for several months, announcing it on LinkedIn. For example, Yang Liu, one of the authors of the patents, is now a research engineer at Tesla, and his partner, Amrit Bhogan, is a process chemist.

Springpower's actual Tesla takeoverwill allow Musk not only to save billions of dollars in the production of electric vehicles, reduce the environmental burden from the battery manufacturing process, but also significantly reduce the price of cars. However, this is not a quick process. The company will be able, according to Musk, only after a year and a half to feel the benefits of the technology, and it will take three years to implement plans to release a Tesla car for $ 25,000.