LoveSync - consensus sex gadget (4 pics + video)

The latest social trends in the world are causingconcerns about the future person, and gadgets such as the LoveSync USB button, designed to help established couples in intimate life, only add to anxiety.

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The gadget is equipped with a USB button that allows you to setpartner in the course of their moods without embarrassing discussion of intimate moments and awkward situations. When someone from a couple wants to have sex, she or he will simply press a button and wait for a reaction. If the second partner agrees, he or she will respond by simply pressing a button. There is a "window of consent", ranging from a quarter of an hour to a day and adjustable by the number of button presses. Long press for 4 seconds means unavailability for intimacy.

As highlighted in the project description, the buttonfunctions anonymously. The authors apparently want to emphasize that for the proposal there is no need for personal contact. As developers believe, LoveSync will increase the passions and frequency of sex, improving the romance of communication and avoiding any awkwardness.

Deliver a novelty will begin at the end of the summer. The cost of the gadget is $ 44.