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Love people can be determined by gait

Billions of people live in the world with the most diversecharacters, world views and hobbies. We constantly interact with each other and from time to time, in the course of communication, create friendly and even romantic relationships. With all this, we do not even notice that sometimes we express sympathy for another person with the help of body language. Recently, Japanese scientists have proved that if a person walks along the street synchronizing steps with his interlocutor, this means that he likes him. They also found that to create a trusting relationship, it is best to talk while walking in the fresh air, rather than being in a cramped room. But how did scientists come to such conclusions?

A person's love can be recognized by his gait

The experiment conducted by Japanese scientists wastold in the scientific journal Plos One. Professor Jia-Hui Tseng and his colleagues from Tohoku University gathered a group of men and women and divided them into ten pairs so that they were not familiar with each other. Some couples had to walk for a few minutes and talk, some of the volunteers walked in silence, and the rest filled the questionnaire in pairs in the room. All this time, microphones were attached to people to listen to conversations and motion sensors.

Non-verbal communication

After the walk, the participants in the experiment wereit was proposed to fill out a questionnaire, on which all this time volunteers who were sitting in the room had already worked. In the questionnaire, participants were asked to describe their impressions of the partner selected for him and generally indicate their attitude to him. Researchers expected a walk in the fresh air would help people quickly find a common language than sitting indoors. The results of the experiment proved that the expectations of scientists were justified.

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Indeed, participants in the experiment, whichwas given the opportunity to walk together, spoke about each other very well. At the same time, those couples who were allowed to communicate rated the interlocutor more than all the others. It is noteworthy that this effect was more relevant for women than for men. Age was also of great importance - conversations in the open air contributed more to a greater understanding of older people than young people.

During a walk, people find a common language faster than being indoors

Thanks to the motion sensors that wereattached to volunteers, scientists made another interesting discovery. It turned out that those people who expressed great sympathy for each other, during a walk, involuntarily synchronized their steps. So, next time during a walk with a person of the opposite sex, you can pay attention to his steps. If a person steps in the same rhythm as you, you may be indifferent to him.

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Researchers believe that thanks to their discoverywe learn more about ways of non-verbal communication of people. Perhaps we are giving each other even more signs of sympathy, but we just don’t notice it. To find out if people have other ways to unobtrusively show sympathy for another person, scientists will need to do more research.

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