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Love for coffee is explained by genetics

One people needs three to wake upcups of strong coffee; for others, a rather weak latte. As it turned out in a new study, this reaction to caffeine is due to genetic variations.

A new study found six newgenetic variations directly related to coffee consumption. In total, there are now eight of them - the first two were opened in 2011, writes The Verge.

Harvard University Researchersclaim that a person’s reaction to coffee is genetic. This explains why some coffee energizes for the whole day, while on others it has no beneficial effect. Ultimately, it comes down to caffeine.

Scientists have studied 2.5 million genetic variationsmore than 120 thousand people of different sexes who regularly drink coffee. Comparing genetic data, they identified genes associated with the habit of drinking coffee. Some gene variants are involved in the metabolism of caffeine, while others are responsible for the pleasure of its use. Therefore, people with different genetics need to drink different amounts of coffee to achieve the same effect.

This is another example of how our genetics affects our addictions.

Research results can help doctors andnutritionists approach the determination of a safe dose of coffee more individually. As is the case with smoking and alcohol consumption, this will significantly reduce health risks.

The study was published in the journal Molecular Psychiatry.