Looking for a spare part

Broke dear device? There are several solutions to the problem.

Some of them are not constructive - spit onaesthetics and continue to use a smart phone with a broken screen, put a tablet with a dead battery at the outlet or shed a mean tear over a completely unusable carcass of an electronic friend and continue to do without it.

Another option involves significant and notalways timely (but what can I say, not the fact that in general lifting - in our days) expenses. It would be cool to buy a new one, of course, but it is possible that you had other plans for the contents of your wallet. And is the same model still available?

So repair.And again, the choice: wait for months for the arrival of the part ordered on Aliexpress, or try to wool the network in search of domestic stores where you can find the right piece of iron. How would you optimize this process?

The 4Mobile aggregator will help solve the problem.This is a convenient service for searching for components and accessories for mobile electronics among a large number of suppliers. The ability to compare prices and choose a seller both in a particular city and throughout Russia makes 4Mobile an indispensable tool for both workshops and retail buyers. Finding spare parts for your device has become much easier.

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