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Longest suspension bridge opened in Portugal at 175 meters

In Portugal, the construction of the mostlongest suspension bridge in the world. It is located 175 meters above the turbulent waters of the Paiva River and, according to the first daredevils, provokes a powerful burst of adrenaline. And all because only a railing made of a rigid mesh and a flooring made of planks about 4 meters long are protected from falling people. Each step makes the bridge vibrate, and strong winds can swing the structure in different directions. It took three years to build the bridge at an unimaginable height, making it a rather complex project. And the most interesting thing is that this is not the only suspension bridge that can seriously scare people. Within the framework of this article, I propose to find out where another such bridge is located and what they are generally needed for. There are even some impressive videos.

Some people have already walked along the longest Portuguese bridge


  • 1 What are suspension bridges?
  • 2 Longest suspension bridge
  • 3 Charles Kuonen Bridge
  • 4 What are these bridges for?

What are suspension bridges?

Suspension bridges are usually called structures forriver crossings, the load-bearing part of which is made of flexible elements. Some people call these bridges "suspension", but this term is not used in the professional literature. The first bridges of this kind appeared in very ancient times, and there were especially many of them in mountainous regions. Usually they were made of ropes and planks, so they were considered rather dangerous structures. But around the 1800s, builders learned to create stronger structures, and they are still in use today.

Ordinary suspension bridge

Longest suspension bridge

On the completion of the construction of the longestsuspension bridge was reported in ABC News. It is located near the Portuguese city of Porto, in the village of Aroca. The structure was named 516 Arouca and is located 175 meters above the Paiva River. The beginning of the bridge is the Agieiras waterfall, and the end is the gorge located on the other side. The length of the bridge is 516 meters, so it will take from 5 to 10 minutes to pass it. This place is a UNESCO natural monument, so there will obviously be a lot of people who want to visit it. Moreover, the bridge is part of an extreme amusement park.

The first visitors to the bridge

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Charles Kuonen Bridge

Previous record for longest suspension bridgebelonged to the Charles Kuonen Bridge, which was built in 2017. It is located near the Swiss village of Randa and was built by Swissrope in just 2 months. The cost of the bridge was more than 788 thousand dollars, and this money was collected by people from their nearest settlements. The biggest contribution was made by a certain Charles Kuonen, after whom the bridge is named.

Charles Kuonen Bridge in Switzerland

The structure is located above a gorge with a depth of 85meters and has a length of 494 meters. The width of the passage is only 65 centimeters, so the adrenaline rush for people who decide to cross the bridge is also guaranteed. The structure rests on steel ropes 53 millimeters thick and weighs 8 tons. Previously, the European Bridge (Europabrucke) was located in its place, but it stood for only 2 months and collapsed due to a landslide.

What are these bridges for?

We are talking about record-breaking bridges that are capable ofgive people a thrill. It is logical to assume that they are primarily intended for tourists who like to tickle their nerves. This is true for both the 516 Arouca Bridge and the Charles Kuonen design. Particularly high hopes are pinned on the new bridge, because it determines how well the people from the Aroka village live - they are very dependent on the income from tourists.

Another video about the Portuguese bridge

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It is worth noting that the 500-meter long bridges themselvesare not surprising in themselves. The structures mentioned above are interesting only because they are hanging and potentially dangerous. The longest bridge in the world is the Danyang-Kunshan Viaduct with a length of 164.8 kilometers. You can read more about him and other amazing bridges at this link.