Long-Range Molinks Electric Motorbike Xiaomi Electric Scooter

Xiaomi Corporation is deservedly becominga universal corporation developing unique high-tech devices used in various spheres of human life. Another masterpiece of the company's engineers is an electric motorcycle with an extended range and smart control.

New Molinks Electric MotorbikeXiaomi has a classic design, the development of which involved not only Xiaomi engineers, but also specialists from Qianjiang Motorcycle, a world leader in motorcycle industry. The design development of the new model has already won the prestigious IF Design Award in Germany.

The main technical characteristic of Molinks isincreased range on one battery charge. This is achieved through the use of not one but two lithium-ion batteries with a voltage of 60 V and a capacity of 20 Ah, which extends the radius of an autonomous bike ride to 110 km at a speed of 35 km / h.

At a more economical speed mode of 25 km / hthe travel radius increases to 145 km, and at a maximum speed of 45 km / h, the travel distance is 90 km. A Bosch electric motor with a power of 800 or 1200 W, depending on the configuration, is used as a power unit in the motorcycle. The weight of the scooter is 69 kg and its carrying capacity is 180 kg.

Another highlight of the Molinks Electric MotorbikeXiaomi is becoming an intelligent control system that interfaces with a smartphone after installing a special application. Fundraising on the Xiaomi Youomi crowdfunding platform is quite successful - long before the end of the deadlines, the project already scored 5.8 times the declared minimum amount. The first electric bikes will reach customers on December 19 at a price of $ 785.