Long-awaited gift for the visually impaired and blind - smart watches (3 photos)

Technical progress pleases mankind everythingNew and new inventions, technological delights and gadgets with new features. But we have to admit that almost all of them are focused on people without physical disabilities. People who have different features of the development of the organism have to adapt to the achievements of civilization. Recently, the needs of people with disabilities have become more attention, and the developers of new gadgets and other devices are increasingly creating their product, taking into account the requests of this category of people.

More recently, the Korean company Dot Incorpintroduced a new interesting gadget. This is a specially designed and manufactured for the blind smart watch Dot Watch. People who are deprived of sight can read the information supplied to a special panel on which characters are felt using Braille. It is located on the front of the watch. Important information arrives on it from the smartphone connected with it.

A special program controls the magnets,which regulate the operation of 24 sensors. For each new notification or message, the sensors react by rearranging so that symbols appear that can be read by swiping fingers on the dial. Also on the dial with the help of Braille symbols, you can feel and read the current time. The device can even teach the visually impaired to read using this technique. Very useful for the visually impaired will be the fact that the gadget has a built-in navigator.

The novelty will allow the visually impaired to enjoysmartphone, inviting the comfort in which people live with good vision. The gadget does not require frequent recharging: it will last for a week of work. For those who want to create applications in the device there are no obstacles: the code is completely open. The cost of Dot Watch - $ 399.