LOLA bipedal robots have learned to help themselves with their "hands" when moving (video)

Two-legged in the image and likeness of manrobots continue to "master" the skills inherent in the "progenitor". German engineers have developed an algorithm that allows robots to use not only their legs, but also their arms when moving, helping to maintain balance in a critical situation.

It is known that man is bipedal beforesome age, then the hands become an integral part in the process of movement. In addition, the hands help the person avoid falling when moving on slippery or uneven surfaces. LOLA humanoid robots have now mastered similar skills, having received an algorithm update from robotics from the TUM company.

Humanoid robot LOLA when movingUses 26 movable "joints" and cameras built into the "head" of the device. Using the video data, the robot creates a three-dimensional map of the surrounding space and, based on it, calculates its movement.

New algorithms allow you to "see" and composea plan of various surfaces, including the floor, doorways, and walls. Based on the data received, LOLA calculates the trajectory of the movement. The demo video shows how, when passing through a mock doorway, a robot slipped on a difficult surface and was able to maintain balance by choosing a fulcrum on the door jamb.