Logitech introduced a series of new gaming mice G 502 X

Logitech has introduced a series of new gaming mice G 502 X, which includes three devices - G 502 X, G 502 X Lights

peed and G 502 X Plus.In this line of mice, the manufacturer used the Lightforce hybrid optical-mechanical switch, which combines the advantages of optical and mechanical switches, which, on the one hand, demonstrate high switching speed, and on the other, provide good reliability, which is especially important for gamers. The G 502 X line of mice utilizes special features to adapt to various grip shapes, allowing gamers to fine-tune the geometry of the mouse to suit their needs. The devices use a high-precision HERO 25K sensor, wireless mice support work with the G PowerPlay charging pad. The G 502 X Plus has LightSync RGB LED backlighting. The price of new items will be announced later.