Logitech has developed a backlit wireless keyboard for iPad Pro (8 photos)

Logitech announced Slim Folio Pro. This is the first wireless keyboard to work with the Apple iPad Pro 2018 Tablet. It has a number of commands for iOS, backlighting with 3 levels of brightness and a built-in strap for the Apple Pencil digital pen.

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Slim Folio Pro connects via Bluetooth toUnlike ordinary Apple's analogs using the Smart Connector. That is, it will have to periodically charge directly from the tablet via a USB-C cable. According to Logitech, if the new product is used no more than 2 hours a day, it will function for 3 months from one full charge.

In the additional row of the keyboard there are keyscontrols the volume, screen brightness, multimedia playback. Immediately after installing the tablet in the specified grooves, Slim Folio Pro automatically turns on.

The keys of the gadget are protected from water. At the top there is a special strap under the Apple Pencil, which does not allow it to fall out during transport. Slim Folio Pro, suitable for 11-inch iPad Pros, costs $ 119.99. If the diagonal of the tablet is 12.9 inches, the cost of the wireless keyboard will be $ 129.99.