Lockheed Martin created the perfume with the smell of space

American Military Industrial CorporationLockheed Martin, specializing in the field of aerospace technology, decided to open a new business line and introduced April 1, Vector - perfume, whose fragrance will immediately remind you of the smell of space, reports the Space News portal. The development of the new fragrance was carried out by NASA's main aerospace contractor with Tony Antonelli, a retired agency astronaut who heads the Orion space mission planning department for Lockheed Martin.

According to Antonelli, the Vector vial containsit was the smell that he felt when he first opened the hatch of the space shuttle and “stepped” into the vast expanses of outer space.

“This smell is not confused with anything. I have never felt anything like this before and after my entry into space, ”says Antonelli.

"The history of Lockheed Martin contains manyimpossible achievements. However, the company created perfume is a real treasure and its most exciting achievement. The fragrance is truly not from this world, ”the veteran added.

Lockheed Martin decided not to tell reporters aboutplans to release perfume in advance, so the announcement was a real surprise. The company describes its new creations as follows: “the deep metal base of the new fragrance ... is balanced by a subtle but seductive tint that leaves a plume burning like steam in the atmosphere”.

Neither Lockheed Corporation, nor Martin Marietta,who in 1995 merged into a single company Lockheed Martin, never before released a perfume. The company throughout its history has been developing new space equipment and software. To date, Lockheed Martin has created 11 spacecraft, including: Martian orbital probes, global positioning system satellites and meteorological satellites. In addition, the company's portfolio includes military developments: satellites and protected military networks.

In Lockheed Martin they say that they used all their accumulated experience of working with outer space to create a cosmic scent.

“We are best suited to develop the perfect perfume for tomorrow’s space explorers,” the company said in a statement.

"For those who never in their lives will be able to personally experience the cosmos in microgravity, Lockheed Martin creates a limited batch of Vector perfume."

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