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Live 'blue goo' found on the seafloor

The depths of the seas and oceans are fraught with greatthe number of mysteries - scientists still cannot fully study them. To a greater extent, the complexity of studying great depths is due to the fact that researchers cannot sink to the bottom due to high pressure. However, at the moment there are robotic devices that are able to work in such extreme conditions. Recently, researchers lowered a remote apparatus into the waters of the Caribbean Sea and conducted a live broadcast, during which they noticed a strange blue slime at the bottom. None of the scientists could say for sure what it was - one of them only joked that it was "definitely not stones." At the same time, scientists have some very interesting assumptions. So what is this blue slime?

Mysterious 'blue slime' found at the bottom of the Caribbean Sea

Interesting fact: There are about 450 species of fish in the Caribbean Sea.including dangerous sharks, flying fish, sea devils and other unusual creatures. There are also about 90 species of mammals, including sperm whales, humpback whales and some dolphins. In addition to this, 500 species of reptiles, 170 species of amphibians, 600 species of birds and so on can be found in the Caribbean islands. Many of these creatures are not found anywhere else on Earth.

Mysterious Animals of the Caribbean

Unusual slime was discovered at the end of August,during the mission Journey to the Ridge 2022. The crew of the Okeanos Explorer ended up in the Caribbean Sea, near Santa Cruz Island, and lowered a remote-controlled research vehicle into the water. The image from the built-in camera was broadcast live, so that lovers of the deep water could watch the exploration of the seabed in real time.

Research vessel Okeanos Explorer

When the device was at a depth of about 611meters, the researchers noticed a cluster of blue objects at the bottom. To see what it is, they zoomed in on the image, but this did not help to recognize the mysterious animals. Scientists are sure that these are definitely not stones or another lifeless object - the organisms found at the bottom showed clear signs of life. At the moment, the expedition members call the mysterious creatures "blue things" and "blue goo", but they cannot identify them with 100% accuracy.

Bamboo corals

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Exploring the seabed

It is important to emphasize that at the moment all this isjust speculation. During the live broadcast, the researchers announced that they would send images and videos of the "blue goo" to coral and sponge specialists. Identifying these enigmatic creatures can be quite time consuming because according to the World Register of Marine Animals there are about 2,000 species of soft corals in the world; about 8500 species of sponges and about 3000 species of tunicates. If even experts fail to recognize the species, scientists will have to make another dive and get samples of these living creatures - it is possible that they are dealing with a species of animals new to science.

It is possible that scientists have found a completely new species of animals

It should be noted that marine and oceanicthe depths are full of amazing creatures, the existence of which you could not even guess. So, recently we have already talked about shrimp-like cystisms (Cystisoma) living at a depth of 200 meters, which are almost invisible to human eyes. They have a transparent body and look like empty space in fishing nets. To maintain complete transparency, these creatures have huge eyes that occupy almost the entire area of ​​​​the head. You can read more about these amazing creatures in this material.

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