Liquid-cooled mattress will please everyone (3 pics + video)

Ford has recently been working oncots, capable of making soothing sounds of the car. And also over adults, useful for couples. Recently there was another novelty. The mattress Pod Eight Sleep provided with liquid cooling. According to the developers, it can cool one user and warm another.

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The foam rubber device was supplied with severalchannels filled with fluid. They can heat up to +115 degrees and cool down to +55 degrees Fahrenheit (from ~ 13 ° С to 68 ° С). At the same time, the liquid heated to different temperatures will circulate freely on both sides. This means that each of the partners can set a comfortable temperature for themselves without disturbing the second. Tuning available by voice commands to the assistant Amazon Alexa.

Sensors are hidden under the material. They monitor the movements of the sleeping. Lowering the temperature can also be used as an alarm clock. Buyers novelty will cost 2000 dollars.