Liquid cooled mattress can satisfy any

High tech got to the bedrooms. For example, Ford has been demonstrating children's beds for several years in a row, which make soothing sounds of a car, and adults who are solving an important problem for many couples. The other day was about another new product that many people would like to have in their bedroom - a mattress with liquid cooling Pod Eight Sleep. According to the developers, he is able to warm one person, while he cools another. How is this possible?

Foam mattress is equipped with severalchannels filled with fluid. They are able to cool to -55 degrees and heat up to +115 degrees, with the liquid with different temperatures circulating independently on both sides of the bed. This means that if one person wants to sleep in warmth, he can increase the temperature without disturbing the sleeping partner. To set the temperature, you can use the voice command for the Amazon Alexa assistant: “Alex, cool my bed”.

Sensors hidden under the material throughoutthroughout the night every movement of the sleeping is tracked. Most likely, all these data can be synchronized with the application for tracking health. As an alarm clock, you can use a decrease in bed temperature - because no one wants to lie on a cold surface?

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Developers don't want to give away Pod Eight Sleepfor free - its price is very high and reaches $ 2,000. However, this is still not so bad, as “smart” beds from manufacturers such as Ford are still not available for purchase and only exist in single copies.

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