Link in browser will crash Windows 10 PC

Another problem was identified by an expert inWindows 10. Along with the recently discovered vulnerability leading to damage to the hard drive of a computer running Windows 10, another complication was discovered. When trying to open a specific link in some web browsers, computers crashed resulting in a Blue Screen of Death (BSoD).

Both vulnerabilities were identified by specialist JonasLyckegaard and detailed on Twitter. The new error does not open the linked web page, but instead forces the browser to try to browse the internal file system of the PC. As a result, the "misleading" Windows 10 operating system gives a blue screen.

The threat of a blue screen arises fromUsers with Windows 10, version 1709 or earlier installed on their computers. The expert advises against entering the full link, which contains a fragment with the address “\ .globalrootdevicecondrvkernelconnect”. His experiments with the introduction of a link and further forced restart of the computer, led to a cyclic boot with automatic recovery. Microsoft has assured that it will investigate and release an update for the affected computers.

Source: tomsguide